Kynge Rycharde cuer du lyon: transcription

Transcription of Wynkyn de Worde’s 1509 edition Kynge Rycharde cuer du lyon. Based on page scans from the EEBO surrogate of STC 21007, Oxford, Bodleian Library, Crynes 734. Transcribed by Özge, Ceren, Bejan, Zeynep, Koray, İpek, Beril, Deniz, İdil, Elif, Ezgi, Deniz, Zeynep, Beril, Umutcan, Meriç, Zeynep, Orçun, Bilge, Şevval, Elif, Mert, Başak, Ebrar, Özen, Cansu, Nil, Rabia, Sümeyra, and Rojan.

[sig. A.iv] ¶ The prologue.

LOrde kynge of glorye
Suche grace and suche vyctorye
Thou sendest to kynge Rychard
That neuer was founde coward
It is good to here Iestes
Of his prowesse and his conquestes
Many romayns men make newe
Of good knyghtes and of trewe
Of theyr dedes men rede romauns
Bothe in Englonde and in Fraunce
Of Rowlande and of Olyuere
And of euery desepere
Of Alysaunder and of Charlemayne
Of kynge Arthur and of Gawayne
How they were knyghtes good and curtoys
Of Turpyn and of Oger the danoys
Of troye men rede in ryme
What was by olde tyme
Of Hector and of Achylles
What folke they slewe in prees
In fraunce these rymes were wrought
Euery englysshe ne knewe it nought
Lewde man can frensshe none
Of an hondred vnneth one
Neuertheles with gladde chere
Yf that ye wyll now here
Newe Iestes I vnderstonde
Of doughty knyghtes of Englonde
Therfore now I wyll you rede
Of a kynge doughty of dede
[sig. A.iir] Kynge Rycharde was the beste
That is founde in ony Ieste
Now all that here this talkynge
God gyue them good endynge

¶ Here begynneth the hystorye of Kynge Rycharde cure du lyon / and fyrst of his byrth.

LOrdes harken now beforne
How kynge Rycharde was borne
His fader was cleped kynge Harry
In his tyme sykerly
As I fynde in this sawe
Saynt Thomas was Islawe
At Caunterbury before the auter stone
There myracles be done many one
Whan he was .xx. wynter olde
He was a kynge swythe bolde
He wolde no wyse I vnderstonde
With grete tresour thoughe they her fonde
Neuertheles his barons hym redde
That he graunted them a wyfe to wedde
Hastely he sente his sonde
In to many a dyuers londe
The fayrest woman that was on lyue
They sholde brynge hym to wyue
Messengers be redy dyght
To shyppe they wente that same nyght
And theyr sayle vp they drowe
The wynde them serued well I nowe
And they came amyddes the see
No wyndes brethe ne had he
[sig. A.iiv] Therfore they were swythe wo
Another shyppe they encountred tho
Suche ne sawe they neuer none
For it was so gay begone
Euery nayle with golde I graue
Of pure golde was his sklaue
Her mast was of Iuory
Of samyte her sayle wytly
Her ropes all of whyte sylke
As whyte as euer was ony mylke
The noble shyppe was without
With clothes of golde spred about
And her lofte and her wyndlace
All with golde depaynted was
In the shyppe there were dyght
Knyghtes and lordes of myght
And a lady therin was
Bryght as sonne throwe the glas
Her men abrode gan stonde
And becked them with her honde
And prayed them for to dwell
And theyr auentures to tell
They graunted all with skyll
For to tell all her wyll
To dyuerse londes do we wende
For kynge Harry hath vs sende
For to seche hym a quene
The fayrest that myght on erth bene
Up arose a kynge of a chayre
With that worde and spake fayre
The chayre was of carbunkel stone
Suche sawe they neuer none

[sig. A.iiir–[A.v]still to be transcribed]

[sig. [A.v]v] The fyrst yere that he was kynge
At Salysbury he made a Iustynge
And commaunded euery man to be there
Bothe with shelde and with spere
Erles and barons everychone
At home ne dwelled neuer one
On forfeyture on lyfe and londe
For nothynge that they no wonde
This was cryed J understonde
Thorughout all Englonde
All was for to loke and se
The knyghtes that best myght be
There they came all at his wyll
His commaundement to fulfyll
The partyes were sonder set
Togyder they ran without let
[sig. []r] Kynge Rycharde gan hym dysguyse
In a full stronge queyntyse
He came out of a valaye
For to se of theyr playe
As a knyght auenturous
His atyre was orgulous
All togyder cole blacke
Was his horse without lacke
Upon his creste a rauen stode
That yaned as he were wode
And aboute his necke a bell
Wherfore the reason J shall you tell
The oynge of the rauen is
In trauayll for to be Jwys
Sygnyfyaunce of the bell
With holy chyrche to dwell
And them to noy and to greue
That be not in the ryght byleue
He bare a shalte that was grete and stronge
It was fourtene fote longe
And it was grete and stoute
One and twenty inches aboute
The fyrst knyght that he there mette
Full egerly he hym grette
With a dent & amyd the shelde
[sig. []v] His horse he bare downe in the felde
And the knyght fell to grounde
Full nye deed in that stounde
The nexte that he mette thare
A grete stroke he hym bare
His forgette with his cornell tho
His necke he brake there a two
His horse and he fell to grounde
And dyed bothe in that stounde
Kynge Rycharde harde gan houe & abyde
Yf ony mo wolde to hym ryde
Trumpettes began for to blowe
Knyghtes Justed in that rowe
Another knyght hardy and good
Sate on a stede rede as blode
He dyde hym arme and well dyght
In all that longed to suche a knyght
A shafte he toke grete and louge
That was so heuy and stronge
And sayd he wolde to hym ryde
Yf he durste hym abyde
Trumpettes began to blowe than
Therby wyste many a man
That they sholde Juste mere
The noble knyghtes that there were
Kynge Rycharde of hym was ware
And aspere to hym he bare
And encountred hym in the felde
He bare awaye halfe his shelde
His pusen therwith gan gone
And also his brandellet bone
His vyser and his gorgere
Hym repented that became there
Kynge Rycharde houed and behelde
And thought to rest hym in the felde
Yf there were other knyght or swayne
That wolde more ryde hym agayne
He sawe there wolde come none
Oh his waye he gan forth gone
[sig. [A.vii]r] In to a wode out of theyr syght
And in another tyre he hym dyght
Upon a stede rede as blode
With all the tyre that on hym stode
Horse and shelde armure and man
That no man sholde knowe hym than
Upon his creste a rede hounde
The tayle henge to the grounde
That was sygnyfycacyon
The hethen folke to brynge downe
Them to slee for goddes loue
And crysten men to brynge aboue
Styll he houed and bode yore
To them he thought to ryde more
He rode the thronge all aboute
He helde within and withoute
A baron he sawe hym besyde
Towarde hym he gan ryde
To a squyer he toke his spere
To hym he wolde it not bere
Forth he toke a mansell
A stroke he thought to be set well
On his helme that was so stronge
Of that dente the fyre out spronge
The baron tourned hym asyde
And sayd felowe forth thou ryde
With thy speres go and playe
Come no more here I the praye
And sykerly yf thou do
Thou shalte haue a knocke or two
Kynge Rycharde wondred in his thought
That he set his stroke at nought
[sig. [A.vii]v] And came agayne by another waye
And thought to make a better paye
In his styrope vp he stode
And smote to hym with Ire full mode
He set his stroke on his yron hat
But that other in his sadell sat
Hastely without wordes mo
His mase he toke in his honde tho
That was made of yotyn bras
He wondered who that it was
Suche a stroke he hym lente
That Rycharde feet out of his steropes wente
For plate ne for arketton
For hawberke ne for campeson
Suche a stroke he neuer had none ore
That dyde hym halfe so moche sore
Full swythe awaye he gan ryde
Out of the prees there besyde
To hym selfe he sayd tho
Of suche strokes kepe I no mo
He wente adowne to a well
And with his helme dranke his fell
And he watred his stede also
In the thyrde atyre he let hym do
All his atyre whyte as mylke
His croper was of sylke
Upon his shulder a crosse rede
That betokeneth goddes dede
With his enemyes for to fyght
To wynne the crosse yf that he myght
Upon his heed a doue whyte
Sygnyfycacyon of the holy spyryte
[sig. [A.viii]r] To be bolde to wynne the pryse
And dystroye goddes enemyes
To the kynge Rycharde gan hym dyght
Than another noble kynght
Fouke doly was his name
The kynge hym loued for his fame
To hym a stroke he dyght
Well to paye with all his myght
He smote hym on his bassenet
A grete dente without let
It swouned to his cheke bone
Syr Fouke bad hym forth gone
That he no lenger abyde
In auenture yf ony stroke betyde
The kynge sawe he felte no sore
And thought to gyue hym more
And another stroke he hym brayde
His mase vpon his heed he layde
With good wyll that stroke he set
The baron thought he wolde hym let
And with his heuy mase of stele
There he gaue the kynge his dele
That his helme all to roue
And he ouer his sadell droue
And his steropes he forbare
Suche a stroke had he neuer are
He was so astonyed of the dente
That nye he had his lyfe lente
And for that stroke that hym was gyuen
He ne wyst whether it was daye or euen
Tho he recouered of his swowe
To his palays he hym drowe
[sig. [A.viii]v] Than he commaunded hastely
Herodes for to make crye
And euery man for to wende
Home to his owne frende
The kynge anone a messengere
Full preuely he sente there
To syr Thomas of multon
That was a noble baron
And to syr Fouke dely
That they come to hym on hye
Let them not dwell in no manere
Bydde them come bothe in fere
The messengers therwith wente
And sayd the kynge after them sente
Swythe for to come hym to
Without delaye that it be do
The knyghtes hyed and were blythe
To the kynge they wente swythe
And hendly they hym grette
And he them toke and by hym sette
And sayd to them wordes free
Welcome be ye now to me
In eyther honde he toke one
And in to a chambre they gone
Quod Rycharde swete frendes twaye
Tell me the sothe I you praye
What knyghtes that rode best cours
Of this Iustes paramours
And whiche coude best his crafte
For to demene well his shafte
With dentes for to fell his foos
Whiche of them wan the loos

[Still to be transcribed.]

[sig. B.iv]

[Still to be transcribed.]

[sig. B.iir] A rede hounde on his helme aboue
He came to seche and to proue
Yf ony knyght Iuste with hym dare
Of no man tho was he ware
That hym made chalenge
He rode downe tho by the renge
The deuyll hym hange where euer he be
I wote not what hym ayled at me
His shafte tho his squyre he toke
And behelde me with a grym loke
And smote me so with his mase
Ne had be Ihesu crystes grace
My swyre had gone awaye
I bad hym ryde forth his waye
And dele with foles as his selfe was
Agayne he came by another pas
And gaue me a worse buffate
But styll in my sadell I sate
Than sayd many a moders sone
Alas syr Thomas of multone
That is smyten without skyll
By mase I hente with good wyll
And smote hym that all folkes saye
Downe of his horse withouten naye
Whan J had hym a stroke set
And wolde haue blyssed hym bet
No mo strokes wolde he abyde
But awaye soone he gan ryde
Whan multon had his tale tolde
Syr Fouke doly a baron bolde
Sayd to kynge Rycharde
The thyrde there came soone afterwarde
[sig. B.iiv] His atyre was whyte as snowe
Therof many one there lowe
In his shelde a crosse rede as blode
A whyte doue on his helme stode
He houed styll and behelde vs yerne
yf there were ony knyght so sterne
So hardy a man and stronge of bones
That durst Iuste with hym ones
There was none so stoute ne grym
That durst Iuste ones with hym
Downe by the renge he wente faste
To me he came at the laste
Forsothe syr kynge quod Fouke than
I wende he had ben a symple man
With his mase on my bassenet
A stroke vpon my helme he set
With wrathe stronge and eger mayne
That nygh all astonyed was my brayne
I spake to hym wordes few
And badde hym ryde worth wood shrewe
And playe with them that be thy pere
yf thou come ofte in this manere
For to be wyse I shall the teche
Efte he came agayne to seche
A worse stroke he gaue me tho
And my mase I drewe me to
And a stroke I hym set
Euen vpon his bassenet
That bothe his styropes he lese
And he hyed hym faste out of the prese
Home towarde the wodde bowe
Kynge Rycharde sate and faste lowe
[sig. B.iiir] And sayd frendes sykerly
Take it not grefe for it was I
Whan ye were gadred in fere
Auenturous I came in this manere
Who was strongest you to assaye
And who that coude best strokes paye
Lordes he sayd wote ye ought
What I haue ordeyned in thought
The holy londe to wende to
We thre without ony mo
All in palmers guyse
The holy londe to deuyse
To me I wolde that ye were sworne
No man to knowe it that is borne
Neyther for wele ne for woo
Tyll that we be come and goo
They graunted hym his askynge
Without ony withsayenge
With hym to lyue and to dye
Lettynge for loue ne for enuye
On the boke they layde theyr honde
To that forwarde for to stonde
Tho they asked all thre
Trewe sworne for to be
Trompettes blewe and made crye
To mete they wente hastely
And on the .xii. daye at ende
They were redy for to wende
With pycke and with slauayne
As palmers or panayme

¶ How kynge Rycharde toke shyppynge.

[sig. B.iiiv] NOw they dyght them full yare
These thre knyghtes for to fare
They set vp sayle the wynde was good
And sayled ouer the salte flood
In to flaunders as J you saye
Kynge Rycharde and his feres twaye
Forth they wente with gladde chere
Thorugh many londes farre and nere
Tyll they came to blaundys
That is a coste of moche pryse
A noble shyppe they founde thare
Ouer the see for to fare
[sig. B.iiiir] The sayle was reysed in the shyppe stronge
And in the see they were longe
There they dwelled forty dayes
For to lerne the londes layes
Syth they dyde them to the see
Towarde Acrys that ryche cyte
And so forth to masydoyne
And to the cyte of Babyloyne
And so forth to sysare
Of nynyue they were ware
And also of Iherusalem
And to the cyte of bedleem
And to the cyte of gandon turry
And also to obedy
And to the castell of orgulous
And to the cyte of apparylous
To Iaffe and to saffrayne
To bryght and to betayne
Thus they vysyted the holy londe
How they myght it wynne to theyr honde
And syth homewarde they them dyght
To englonde with all theyr myght
Whan they had passed the grekes see
In almayne the palmers thre
There they wrought or they thens myght goo
That tourned them to moche woo
I shall you tell in what manere
Now harken all that ben here
Agoos they dyght to theyr dynere
In a tauerne there they were
Kynge Rycharde the fyre fet
And Thomas to the spytte hym set
[sig. B.iiiiv] Fouke doly made the bose
Full dere bought they the gose
And as they were etynge theyr fyll
Anone there came in a mynstryll
And sayd good men sykerly
Wyll ye haue ony mynstrelsy
Knyge Rycharde bad hym thens go
That tourned them to moche wo
The mynstrell toke that in mynde
And thought that they were vnkynde
And yf I may they shall forthynke
For they bad me neyther ete ne drynke
For gentylles sholde bydden
To glee men that aboute yeden
Of theyr mete wyne or ale
For lose ryseth of mynstrale
They were englysshe well he knewe
By speche and syght hyde and hewe
For he wente in that tyde
To a castell there besyde
And tolde the kynge all and some
That thre men were to the cyte come
Stronge men bolde and fere
In the worlde is not theyr pere
Kynke Rycharde of englonde was the one man
Fouke doly was that other than
The thyrde Thomas of Multon
Noble knyghtes of renowne
In palmers wede they be dyght
That no man sholde knowe them ryght
To hym sayd the kynge Iwys
That thou haste yf it sothe is
[sig.] Thou shalte haue thy warysowne
And chose thy selfe a ryche towne
The kynge commaunded his knyghtes
To arme them in all myghtes
And go and take them all thre
And swythe brynge them to me
Forth wente the knyghtes in fere
And toke the palmers at theyr dynere
They were brought before the kynge
And he asked them in hyenge
Palmers he sayd whens be ye
Of Englonde they sayd we be
What hyght thou falowe sayd the kynge
Rycharde he sayd without lesynge
What hyght thou he sayd to the elder man
Fouke doly he answered than
And what thou he sayd gray here
Thomas of multon he sayd there
The kynge asked them all thre
What they dyde in his countre
I saye you without lyes
Ye seme well to be spyes
Ye haue sene my londe up and downe
I trowe ye thynke me some treasowne
For as moche as thou syr kynge
And thy barons without lesynge
Seme not to be thus dyght
Therfore ye shall with law & ryght
Ben uot in a stronge pryson
For ye thynke to do me treason
Kynge Rycharde sayd so mote I the
Thou doorh vnryght thynketh me
[sig. C.iv] Palmers that gone by the waye
Them to pryson nyght or daye
Syr kynge for thy courtesy
Do vs palmers no vylony
For his loue that we haue sought[1]
Let vs go and greue vs nought
For auentures that may betyde
In straunge londes where thou ryde
The kynge commaunded anone
In to pryson them to done
The porter I vnderstonde
Toke Rycharde by the honde
And his felawes with hym tyte
Lenger had they no respyte
Tyll that other daye at pryme
The kynges sone came in euyll tyme
Wardrewe was his name
He was a knyght of grete fame
He was grete stronge and fere
In that londe was not his pere
Porter he sayd I praye the
Thy prysoners lette me see
The porter sayd all at your wyll
Erly or late loude or styll
He brought them forth all thre
Rycharde formest tho came he
Wardrewe spake to hym than
Arte thou Rycharde the stronge man
As men saye in eche londe
Darste thou stonde a buffet of my honde
And to morowe I gyue the leue
Suche another me to gyue
[sig. C.iir] Anone kynge Rycharde
Graunted to that forwarde
The kynges sone fyers and proute
Gaue Rycharde an eere cloute
The fyre out of his eyen spronge
Rycharde thought he dyde hym wronge
And sware his othe by saynt Martyn
To morowe I shall paye myn
The kynges sone with good wyll
Badde they sholde haue theyr fyll
Bothe of drynke and eke of mete
The best that they wolde ete
That they myght not awyte
For feblenes his dente to smyte
And in to bedde be brought to reste
To quyte his that he be preste
The kynges sone was curtese
That nyght he made hym well at ease
On the morowe whan it was daye
Rycharde rose as I you saye
Waxe he toke clere and bryght
And sone a fyre he hym dyght
And wexed his hondes by the fyre
Ouerthwarde and endlonge be you sure
A strawes brede thycke and more
For he thought to smyte sore
With his honde he hath tyght
To make a payne that he hath hyght
The kynges sone came in than
To holde forwarde as a trewe man
And before Rycharde he stode
And spake to hym with Irefull mode
[sig. C.iiv] Smyte he sayd with thy myght
Thou hast I fared well this nyght
And yf I stope or felde
Kepe me neuer to bere shelde
Under his cheke Recharde his honde layde
He that it sawe the sothe sayd
Flesshe and skynne awaye he tare
That he fell downe in grete care
He all to brake his cheke bone
That he was deed as ony stone
A knyght sterte to the kynge
And tolde hym that tydynge
That Rycharde had his sone sloo
Alas he sayd how shall I doo
With that worde he fell to grounde
As a man that was in wo bounde
He foundred and lost his fete
Knyghtes toke hym vp without lete
And sayd syr let be thy thought
Now it is it done helpeth nought
The kynge spake wordes on hye
To the knyghtes that stode hym bye
Tell me swythe of this cas
In what maner that it done was
Styll they stode euerychone
For sorowe myght they tell none
With that noyse came the quene
Alas she sayd how may this bene
Why is this sorowe and this fare
Who hath brought you in care
Dame he sayd wotest thou nought
Thy fayre sone to deth is brought
[sig. C.iiir] Syth I was borne to man
Suche sorowe had neuer woman
All my Ioye is tourned to woo
For sorowe I wolde my selfe sloo
Whan the quene vnderstode
For grete care she waxed ny wode
Her kerchers she drewe and heer also
Alas she sayd what shall I do
She cratched her selfe in the vysage
As a woman that was in a rage
She fomed all on blode
And rente her robe that she in stode
And sayd alas that I was borne
That thus my sone haue forlorne
Lorde she sayd how may this be
These knyghtes he sayd tolde it me
Now tell the sothe the kynge sayd than
In what maner saye ye this dede began
And but ye the sothe sey
An euyll deth shall ye dey
The knyghtes called the Iaylere
And badde he sholde stonde nere
To bere wytnes of that sawe
In what maner he was slawe
The Jayler sayd yesterdaye at pryme
Your sone came in an euyll tyme
To the pryson dore to me
And the palmers he wolde se
And I fet them forth anone
Rycharde formest gan gone
Wardrewe asked without let
If he wolde stonde hym a buffet
[sig. C.iiiv] And he hym wolde another stonde
As he was trewe knyght in londe
Rycharde sayd by this lyght
Smyte on with all thy myght
Rycharde had suche a stroke of wardrewe
That full nygh he hym ouerthrewe
Rycharde he sayd now bydde I the
To morowe another thou gyue me
They departed in this wyse
On the morowe Rycharde began to ryse
And your sone anone came
And Rycharde ayenst hym name
As couenaunt was bytwene them twayne
Rycharde smote the sothe to sayne
Even all a two his cheke bone
That he fell deed as ony stone
And as I am sworne to you here
Thus it was in this manere
The kynge sayd with eger wyll
In pryson they shall be styll
And fetters upon theyr fete feste
For this dede done unwreste
And for he hath my sone slawe
He shall dye by ryght lawe
They Iaylere yede as he was sent
To do the kynges commaundement
That daye ete they no mete
Now no drynke myght they gete
The kynges doughter laye in her boure
With ladyes and maydens of honoure
Margery her name hyght
She loked Rycharde with all her myght
[sig. C.iiiir] At the mydde daye before the none
To the pryson she wente soone
With her wente maydens thre
Porter she sayd let me se
The prysoners hastely
Blythly he sayd sykerly
He brought them forth anone ryght
Fayre they grette that lady bryght
And sayd to her with herte fre
With us lady what wyll ye
Whan she sawe Rycharde with her eyen two
Her loue she caste vpon hym tho
She sayd Rycharde saue god aboue
Of all thynge moost I the love
Alas quod Rycharde in that stounde
With wronge I am brought to grounde
A poore prysoner as ye may se
What may my loue do to the
This is the thyrde daye agone
That mete nor drynke had I none
The lady had of hym pyte
Certes it shall amended be
She commaunded the Jaylere
Mete and drynke to fetche them there
And the Irons frome them take
I praye the for my sake

Of the loue bytwene the kynges doughter and kynge Rycharde / and after how that kynge Rycharde slewe a lyon / and how he ete the herte of the lyon all rawe / wherfore he hadde the name / stronge kynge Rycharde cure de lyon

[sig. C.iiiiv] And after souper in the euenynge
To my chambre thou Rycharde brynge
In the tyre of a squyere
My selfe I shall kepe hym there
By Jhesu cryst and by saynt Symon
Thou shalte haue thy waryson
The Jayler forgate it nought
To her chambre he hym brought
With that mayde he dwelled styll
And played with her his wyll
Tyll the seuenth daye sykerly
He yede and came pryuely
He was aspyed of a knyght
That to the chambre he came ryght
Pryuely he tolde the kynge
That forlayne was his daughter yinge
[sig. [Cv]r] The kynge asked hym soone
Who hath he sayd that dede done
Rycharde he sayd that traytour
He hath done you the dyshonour
Syr he sayd by my crystendome
I sawe whan he wente and come
The kynge in herte syghed sore
To hym spake he tho no more
But swythe without fayle
Sente after his counsayle
Erles and barons and wyse clerkes
For to counseyll hym of his werkes
The messengers gan forth gone
His counseyliours came anone
By that it was .xiiii. daye
They were come as I you saye
All at ones they grette the kynge
Sothe to saye without lesynge
He sayd lordes welcome be ye all
He wente forth in to the hall
Amonge them the kynge hym set
I shall you tell without let
Why I haue after you sente
To gyue a traytour Jugement
That hath done grete treason
Kynge Rycharde that is in my pryson
All he them tolde in his sawe
How he had his sone I slawe
And he were deed than were I fayne
For he shall neuer home agayne
And now it is ordeyned so
Men shall no kynge to deth do
[sig. [C.v]v] To hym spake a bolde baron
How come Kynge Rychard in your prysoun
He is holden so noble a kynge
To hym dare no man do thynge
The kynge tolde hym in all wyse
How he hym founde and in what guyse
And with hym other two barons
Noble men of grete renouns
I toke them through suspeccyon
In this maner to my pryson
He toke leue of them euerychone
In to a chambre he bad them gone
For to take theyr counsayle
That them myght best auayle
In theyr speche they dwelled thore
Two dayes and somdele more
And stroue as they were wode
With grete errour & with grete mode
Some wolde hym hange and drawe
And some sayd it was no lawe
On this maner to slee a kynge
They ne myght accorde for no thynge
The wysest sayd verament
We wyll gyue hym no Iugement
Thus answered they the kynge
Syr greue you no thynge
For syr Eldrede forsothe Iwys
He can you tell what best is
For he is a wyse man of rede
That many a man hath dampned to dede
The kynge badde without lette
That he were before hym fette
[sig. []r] He was brought before the kynge
The whiche hym axed at his comynge
Canst thou me tell in what manere
Of Rycharde that I auenged were
He answered I tell the
Theron I must auyse me
Ye wote well it is no lawe
A kynge to hange ne to drawe
Therefore do by my reason
Hastely take your lyon
And with holde hym his mete
Thre dayes that he none ete
And Rycharde in a chambre do
And put the lyon than hym to
In this maner he shall be slawe
Than doost thou not ayenst the lawe
The lyon there shall hym sloo
Than arte thou awreked of thy foo
The mayde aspyed of that reasone
And than bethought her soone
And after hym soone she sent
To warne hym of that Iugement
Whan he to her chambre came than
Welcome she sayd my lemman
My lorde hath ordeyned thorugh rede
The thyrde daye thou shalte be dede
In to a chambre thou shalte be do
And a lyon shall be put the to
That shall haue honger sore
Than wote I well thou lyuest no more
But swete lemman sayd she thare
Let vs out of this londe fare
[sig. []v] With golde and syluer & moche mony
I nought to spende than haue I
Rycharde sayd I vnderstonde
That were ayenst the lawe of londe
Awaye to wende without leue
The kynge I wyll not so greue
Of the lyon gyue I nought
Hym to slee haue I thought
By pryme vpon the thyrde daye
I wyll haue his herte to praye
Kerchers he asked of sylke
Fourty elles as whyte as mylke
In to the pryson ye them brynge
A lytell before the euenynge
Whan it to the tyme came
The mayde to pryson the way name
And with her a noble knyght
Theyr souper was redy dyght
Rycharde and his tway fere
Had y nought to theyr soupere
And the porter also
She bad he sholde so do
That nyght they were glad ynowe
Euery man syth to chambre drowe
And Rycharde and that swete wyght
Togyder dwelled all that nyght
At on the morowe  whan it was daye
Rycharde badde her to wende awaye
Naye she sayd by God aboue
I schall here dye for thy loue
Ryght now here I wyll abyde
Though I  sholde the deth betyde
[sig. [C.vii]r] Certes hens wyll I not wende
I shall take the grace that god wyll sende
Rycharde sayd fayre lady free
But thou wende soone frome mee
Thou shalte me greue sore
That J shall loue the no more
There ayenst she sayd naye
Lemman haue now good daye
God that dyed on the tre
Saue the yf hıs wyll be
The keuerthefes he toke on honde
And aboute his arme he wonde
And thought in that ylke whyle
To slee the lyon with some gyle
And syngle in a kyrtell he stode
And abode the lyone fyers and wode
With that came the Iaylere
And other men that with hym were
And the lyon them amonge
His pawes were styffe and stronge
The chambre dore they vndone
And the lyon to hym is gone
Rycharde sayd helpe lorde Jhesu
The lyon made to hym venu
And wolde hym haue all to rente
Kynge Rycharde besyde hym glente
The lyon on the breste hym spurned
That aboute he tourned
The lyon was hongry and megre
And bette his tayle to be egre
He loked aboute as he were madde
Abrode he all his pawes spradde
[sig. [C.vii]v] He cryed lowde and yaned wyde
Kynge Rycharde bethought hym that tyde
What hym was best and to hym sterte
In at the throte his honde he gerte
And hente out the herte with his honde
Lounge and all that he there fonde
The lyon fell deed to the grounde
Rycharde felte no wem ne wounde
He fell on his knees in that place
And thanked Ihesu of his grace
That hym kepte frome shame and harme
He toke the herte also warme
And brought it forth in the hall
Before the kynge and his lordes all
The kynge at mete sate at the dese
The erles barons proude in prese
The salte on the table stode
Kynge Rycharde thryste out all the blode
And wette the herte in the salte
The kynge and his men hym behalte
Without brede he it gan ete
The kynge wondred and began to speke
Iwys as I vnderstonde can
This his the deuyll and no men
He hath my stronge lyon slawe
The herte out of the body drawe
And hath it eten with good wyll
He maybe called with good skyll
Crysten kynge moost of renowne
Stronge Rycharde cure delyowne

¶ How kynge Rycharde sente for his raunsome

[sig. [C.viii]r] Now of this lette we be
And of the kynge speke we
In care & mournynge ledeth his lyfe
And ofte calleth hymselfe caytyfe
And cursed the tyme that he was borne
For his sone hath he forlorne
And his doughter is forlayne
And this his lyon is thus slayne
Erles and barons came hym to
And the quene dyde also
And asked what he was
ye wote he sayd all the cas
Why that I am in sorowe this houre
Hor Rycharde that stronge traytoure
He hath wrought me so moche woo
And I ne may hym to deth doo
Therefore I wyll at this sake
Raunsom for his body take
[sig. [C.viii]v] For my doughter that is J shente
Ayenst the estate of sacramente
Of every chyrche that prestes in synge
And matyns synge and belles rynge
There that two chalys be
That one shall be brought to me
Yf there be more than two
The halfe dele shall come me to
Whan I am serued of that fe
Than shall Rycharde delyuered be
And my doughter for her outrage
Shall for goo her herytage
Thus he sayd it shall be do
The barons graunted all therto
Kynge Rycharde they after sente
For to here theyr ordaynemente
Whan he came into the hall
He grete the kynge and his men all
The kynge sayd verament
We haue loked your Iugement
That thou shalte paye raunsones
For the and for thy barones
Of euery chyrche in thy londe
Thou shalte do come to my honde
There that two chalys in be
That one shall be brought to me
And yf there be more than two
The halfe dele shall be brought me to
Thorugh thy londe wyte it wele
I wyll haue the halfe dele
And whan thou haste made thy paye
I gyue the leue to wende thy waye
[sig.] And my doughter with the also
That agayne I se her neuer mo
Kynge Rycharde sayd as thou hast tolde
To that forwarde I me holde
Kynge Rycharde curteys and hende
Sayd who shall for my raunsom wende
To Englonde to my chauncelere
That my raunsom payed were
Who that it dooth without fayle
I shall hym quyte for his trauayle
Up there sterte an hende knyght
Thy message J wyll do full ryght
The kynge dyde a letter wryte
A good clerke dyde it endyte
And made there in mencyon
Lesse and more of that raunson
Grete well as I you saye
Myne archebysshoppes twaye
And so ye do my chauncelere
To serue this letter in all manere
For no thynge that they ne fayle
Sykerly it shall them auayle
His seale theron he hath set
The knyght it toke without let
De dyght hym and made hym yare
In to Englonde for to fare
Whan he was ouer the se brought
To go his way forgate he nought
To London he yede anone
There he founde them everychone
He toke the letter as I you saye
To the archebysshoppes twaye
[sig. D.iv] And bad them to do it rede
For it is sente for grete nede
The chaunceler the seale brake
Soone they wyste what it spake
The letter was rede amonge them all
What therof sholde befall
How kynge Rycharde with treason
In almayne dwelled for raunson
The kynges sone he hath slayne
And his douhhter eke forlayne
And also slayne his lyone
All these armes hath he done
They made clerkes for to wende
To euery chyrche fayre and hende
Hastely that it were spedde
And the treasour to hym ledde
Messenger now sayd he
Thou shalte dwell and haue with the
Fyue bysshoppes to ryde the by
And fyue barons sykerly
And other folke ynough with the
In vs no defaute shall be
Of euery chyrche lesse and more
Ther gadered that treasore
And ouer the see they wente
For to make that fayre presente
And whan they came the cyte to
The kynge there they founde tho
And sayd as they were bethought
Syr thy raunsom is hyther brought
Take it all at you wyll
Let go these men as it is skyll

[sigs D.iir–D.iiir still to be transcribed]

[sig. D.iiiv] The duke of bloys the duke of burgon
The duke of estryche the duke of fusson
And also the Emperour of almayne
And many good knyghtes of brytayne
The erle of flaunders the erle of babelyne
The erle of arteys the erle of Colyne
Moche folke wente theder before
That nygh had theyr lyues lore
With grete warre and honger harde
As ye may here afterwarde
In haruest after the natyuyte
Kynge Rycharde with grete solempnyte
At westmynster he helde a noble feste
With bysshoppes and barons honeste
Abbottes pryours and swynes stronge
After mete yede them amonge
Kynge Rycharde stode vp and gan sayne
My selfe frendes wyll you fayne
Be in pease and harken vnto my tale
Erles barons grete and smale
Bysshops abbotte lewde and lerned
All cyrstendome may be afered
The pope Urban hath vs sente
By bull and by commaundement
How the sowdan hath fyght begon
The towne of Acrys is I won
Thorugh the erle Roys trechery
All the kyngdome of surry
Iherusalem and the crosse is lorne
And bedleem there Ihesu was borne
Crysten knyghtes be hanged and drawe
The sarasynes hath them all slawe
[sig. D.iiiir] Crysten men wyfe and grome
Therfore my lorde pope of Rome
Is sore agreued and anoyed
That crystendome is so dystroyed
All crystendome he hath sente and bod
And byddeth them in the name of god
To wende theder with grete hoost
For to fell the sarasynes boost
Wherfore I haue mente
To wende theder with swerdes dente
To wynne the crosse and gete the lose
Frendes what is your purpose
Wyll ye wende saye ye or nay
Erle baron knyght and all that may
They sayd we ben at one accorde
With the to wende Rycharde our lorde
Quod Rycharde frendes gramercy
It is our honour lysteneth why
The kynge of fraunce is wente forth
Ryden este and weste south and north
Thorugh Englonde we wyll do crye
And make a playne treasourye
Moche folke the crosse haue nome
And to kynge Rycharde ben come
On horse and on fote well apparaylled
Thre hondred shyppes well vytaylled
Hawberkes swerdes and knyues
Thyrty shyppes laden benlyues
Of tembre grete and sheldes longe
He let make a toure stronge
That queynte engyners made
Therwith thre shyppes were lade
[sig. D.iiiiv] Another shyppe was laden yet
With a gynne that hyght robynet
With Rycharde a mangenell
With all the takell that therto fell
Whan they were dyght and yare
Out of the heuen for to fare
Ihesu them sente wynde so goode
To bere them ouer the salte flood
Kynge Rycharde sayd to his shypmen
Frendes do as I you ken
And mayster Alyn trenchmere
Where that ye come ferre or nere
And ye mete by the see stronde
Shyppes of ony other londe
Crysten men on lyue and lymme
Loke that ye no good benymme
And yf ye the sarasyns mete
Loke on lyue that ye none lete
Catell dormonde or galaye
Also I gyue it to your praye
But at the cyte of maryle
There ye must abyde a whyle
By cable and auncker there to ryde
Me and myn hoost there to abyde
For I and my knyghtes and eke swayne
Wyll wende thorugh out all almayne
To speke with Medarde the kynge
To wote why and for what thynge
That he me in his pryson helde
And but he my treasour agayne yelde
That he toke of me with falsshede
I shall acquyte hym his mede
[sig.] Now thynketh Rycharde as I wene
Or he fether goth auenged to bene
Thus kynge Rycharde as ye may here
Became goddes palmere
Ayenst his enemys
The archebysshop syr bawdemys
Before wente with knyghtes fyue
By bourdes and by constantyue
At the last there afterwarde
Came the doughty kynge Rychrde
Kynge Rycharde called his Iustyse
Lo ye do at my deuyse
My londe kepe with skyll and lawe
Traytours loke ye hange and drawe
In my stede shall ye be here
The bysshop of Yorke my chauncelere
I wyll it be at his wyll
To werke after ryght and skyll
That I here after here no stryfe
As ye wyll saue my lyfe
And in name of god almyght
I bydde you rule the poore a ryght
There they helde vp theyr honde
With rygth to rule all Englonde
The bysshop them gaue his blessynge
And bad for them in chyrche to synge
And prayed Ihesu cryste hym spede
In heuen to quyte hym his mede
Thre hoostes kynge Rycharde let make
To hethenesse for goddes sake
In the formest warde he wolde be
With hardy men of grete poste
[sig. E.iv] That other ledeth Fouke doly
Thomas the thyrde certaynly
And euery hoost gan with hym lede
Fourty thousande good at nede
None therin but men of myght
That were proude in warre to fyght
Whan they were passed the se
Sone he deled his hoost in thre
For he wolde not the folke anoye
Ne theyr goodes not dystroye
Ne no thynge take without paye
The kynge commaunded also I saye
Euery hoost from other ten myle
Thus he ordeyned that wyle
In the myddell hym to ryde
And his hoostes abothe syde
Forth he wente with gladde chere
Thorugh londes ferre and nere
Tyll they came without ensoyne
Unto the cyte of coloyne
The hygh mayre of that cyte
Commaunded as I tell the
That no man sholde sell hym vytayle
For no thynge that myght auayle
The stewarde tolde Rycharde the kynge
Soone anone of that tydynge
That he ne myght no vytayle bye
Neyther for loue ne for monye
Thus defended Medarde the kynge
For he the hateth ouer all thynge
And well he woteth that ye haue swore
All that ye take for to paye fore
[sig. E.iir] Ye wyll take with no maystry
Therefore he weneth sykerly
That ye ne shall haue mete none
Thus he weneth thy men to slone
Kynge Rycharde sayd also hym thought
That he ne shall lette vs nought
Stewarde I commaunde the
Bye vs vessell grete plente
Dysshes cuppes and sawcers
Bolles trowes and platters
Fattes cowles and costrelles
Make our mete without les
Whether ye wyll sethe or bake brede
And to poore men so god you rede
That ye fynde in all the towne
That they come to mete at my sommowne
Whan the mete was dressed and dyght
The kynge commaunded to a knyght
After the meyre for to wende
And other barons good and hende
Anone they were to the borde set
And fayre seruyce before them fet
Kynge Rycharde asked in hyenge
Syr meyre where is thy lorde the kynge
Syr he sayd at gonorye
Sykerly without lye
And also my lady the quene
The thyrde daye ye shall them sene
And margery his doughter fre
That of thy comynge blythe wyll be
They wysshe as it is lawe in lande
A menssenger there came dryuande
[sig. E.iiv] Upon a stede whyte as mylke
All I trapped in tuly sylke
With fyue hondred belles ryngynge
He came full merly syngynge
And downe of his stede he alyght
And grette kynge Rycharde aplyght
The kynges doughter that is so fre
She the greteth well by me
With an hondred knyghtes and mo
She cometh or ye to bedde go
Kynge Rycharde sayd hyenge
She is welcome ouer all thynge
He made at ease the messengere
With glad semblaunt and mery chere
And gaue hym a clothe of golde
For he was with his lady withholde
They came to hym that same nyght
The knyghtes and that lady bryght
Whan kynge Rycharde myght her se
Welcome lemman than sayd he
Eyther other began to kysse
And made moche Ioye and blysse
There they lefte tyll it was daye
On the morowe they wente theyr waye
And at myddaye before the none
They came before a cyte ryght soone
The name was hyght marburent
There the kynge Rycharde moost lent
Soone his stewarde came hym to
Syr he sayd how shall we do
Suche vytayll as J bought yesterday
For no golde gete it I ne may
[sig. E.iiir] Kynge Rycharde sayd with herte fre
Of fruyte here is grete plente
Fygges and reysyns in frayle
And nuttes may serue vs rather than fayle
And wexe somdele cast therto
Talowe and grece I meddled also
And thus ye may our mete make
Sythe that we may none other take
There they dwelled all that nyght
On the morowe to wende as it was ryght
Unto the cyte of carpentras
There kygne Medarde hym selfe was
For there myght he hym flee nought
Thorugh the londe he had hym sought
The kynge wyste Rycharde was come
Well he wende to ben I nome
And in pryson ay to be
But yf my doughter heple me
She came to hym there he sat
What now fader what is that
Certes doughter I gete blame
But thou me helpe I gete shame
Certes syr she sayd than
As I am gentylwoman
Yf ye wyll be mylde of mode
Kynge Rycharde shall do you but good
But graunte me with good wyll
That he wyll saye to fulfyll
And you in his mercy dothe
And he you kysse shall without othe
And also my lady the quene
Good frendes shall ye bene
[sig. E.iiiv] She toke her fader with hym yede
To kynge Rycharde as I you rede
And eke erles and barons mo
And fyfty knyghtes eke also
Kyne Rycharde sawe how that he came
Fayre ayenst hym the waye he name
Kynge Medarde on knees hym sette
And kynge Rycharde there he grette
And sayd I am at thy with wyll
Quod Rycharde J wyll nought but skyll
But so thou yelde agayne my tresore
I shall the loue ever more
Loue the and be thy frende
Quod kynge Medarde my sone hende
I shall the swere vpon a boke
Redy is that I of the toke
And yf thou wylte moche more
Of myne owne tresore
I wyll the gyue my peas to make
Kynge Rycharde gan hym in armes take
And kyste hym many tymes sythe
They were frendes and made blythe
That euery daye kynge Medarde
Ete with kynge Rycharde
And after mete soone and swythe
Kynge Rycharde spake with chere blythe
To the kynge that sat hym by
Welcome be ye sykerly
Syr for loue I praye the
Of thy heple to wende with me
To hethenes without fayle
For goddes loue to gyue batayle
[sig. E.iiiir] The kynge graunted all in gryth
And all his realme to wende hym with
And my selfe syr therto
Naye quod Rycharde I wyll not so
Thou arte to olde to beker in fyght
I praye the that thou me dyght
And hondred knyghtes styffe to stonde
Of the best in thy londe
For a yere that it be done
And of vytayll redy wone
And squyers that fall them to
The kynge graunted that to do
Another thynge J shall the gyue
That may the helpe wyhle thou lyue
Two ryche rynges of golde
The stones therin ben full olde
Fro hens to the londe of ynde
Better shalte thou none fynde
For who that hath that one stone
Water ne shall hym drowne none
That other stone who so it hathe
Fyre ne shall hym do no skathe

¶ How the kynge of fraunce
betrayed kynge Rycharde.

QUod kynge Rycharde syr gramercy
His knyghtes were all redy
Sergeauntes of armes and squyers
Stedes I charged and destrers
With armes and with other vytayle
Kynge Rycharde wente forth with his apparayle
[sig. E.iiiiv] Towarde marcell he gan ryde
With his hoost on eyther syde
Fouke doly and Thomas of multon
With erles dukes & many a bolde baron
Rychardes mayster Roberte of leycester
In Englonde was none his better
And also syr Roberte of turname
Moche englysshe people with hym came
And redy they found theyr flete
Charged with armure drynke and mete
They shypped armure man and stede
And other store folke to fede
They shypped all by the see stronde
To wende in to the holy londe
The wynde was bothe good and kene
And droue them ouer in to messene
Before the gates of the gryffons
Kynge Rycharde pyght his pauylyons
The kynge of fraunce there he founde
In pauylyons square and rounde
And eyther of them kyste other
And became sworne brother
To wende in to the holy londe
To wreke Ihesu and I vnderstonde
A treason thought the kynge of fraunce
To do kynge of Rycharde dystaunce
To kynge Tanker he sente a wrytte
That tourned hym to lytell wytte
The kynge Rycharde with strength of honde
Wolde hym haue dryuen out of his londe
Tanker kynge of puyle was
For this wryte he sayd alas
[sig. [E.v]r] He sente anone his messenger
To his sone that hyght Roger
That was kynge of Cysyle londe
He sholde come to his honde
And sente after his barownes
Erles and lordes of renownes
And whan they were comen euerychone
The kynge sayd to them anone
And tolde how the kynge of fraunce
Had hym warned of a dystaunce
Kynge Roger spake fyrste aboue
And smote peas with his gloue
Mercy my fader at this tyme
Kynge Rycharde is a pylgryme
And crossed in to the holy londe
That wryte lyeth I vnderstonde
I dare for kynge Rycharde swere
That he neuer thought you to fere
But sende to hym a messengere
That he come vnto you here
He wyll come to you full soone
And his thought he wyll tell you anone
The kynge was glad of that counsayle
And sente after hym without fayle
On the moro we he came to hym Iwys
In to the ryche cyte of thys
And founde kynge Tanker in his hall
Amonge his erles and barons all
Eyther gret te other in fayre maner
With mylde wordes and deboner
Than sayd Tanker to kynge Rycharde
Lo syr kynge by saynt Leonarde
[sig. [E.v]v] It is done me for to wytte
Of a frende here ryght well wrytte
That thou arte come with grete powere
For to reue me of my londes here
Thou were fayre to be a pylgrym
For to slee many a paynym
Than for to greue a crysten kynge
That neuer the mysdyde no thynge
Kynge Rycharde was sore asshamed
And also of his wordes agramd
And sayd Tanker thou arte mystought
For to haue this in thy thought
And such a rage on me to bere
That I the sholde with armes dere
Suche a treason on me to touche
And on my flesshe I bere the crouche
I ne wyll dwell here but a daye
To morowe I wyll wende my waye
And I praye the syr Tanker kynge
Procure me none euyll thynge
For many men weneth to greue other
And on his heed falleth the fother
For who so wayteth me despyte
Hym selfe[2] shall nought passe quyte
Syr quod Tanker be not wrothe for this
Lo here are the letter forsothe Iwys
That the kynge of fraunce me sente
That other daye in presente
Kynge Rycharde sawe & vnderstode
The kynge of fraunce wolde hym no gode
Kyng Rycharde and kynge Tanker kyste
And were frendes with the beste
[sig. []r] That myght be in ony londe
I loued be Ihesu crystes sonde
Kynge Rycharde wente agayne well styll
And suffred the frensshe kynges wyll
He vndyde his tresore
And bought hym bestes to his store
He let bothe salte and slene
Thre thousande of oxen and kene
Swyne and shepe so many also
No man coude tell tho
And of fysshe foules and venyson
I ne can nought account in ryght reason
The kynge of fraunce without wene
Laye in the cyte of messene
And kynge Rycharde without the wall
Under the house of the hospytall
The englysshe men wente to shyppynge
And ofte hente harde knockynge
The frensshe and gryffons downe ryghtes
Slewe there our englysshe knyghtes
Kynke Rycharde herde of that dystaunce
And playned to the kynge of fraunce
And he answered he had no wardes
Of the englysshe taylardes
Chase thy gryffons yf thou myght
For of my men getest thou no ryght
Quod kynge Rycharde syth it is so
I wote well what I haue to do
I shall me of them so awreke
That all the worlde therof shall speke
Crystmasse is a tyme full honeste
[sig. []v] Kynge Rycharde it honoured with grete faste
All his clerkes and barons
Were set in theyr pauylyons
And serued with grete plente
Of mete and drynke and eche deynte
Than came there a knyght in grete haste
Unneth he myght drawe his blaste
He fell on knees and thus he sayd
Mercy Rycharde for Mary mayde
With the frensshe men and the gryffownes
My brother lyeth slayne in the townes
And with hym lyeth slayne fyftene
Of thy knyghtes good and kene
This daye and yesterdaye I tolde arowe
That syxe and thyrty they had I slowe
Faste lesseth your englysshe hepe
Good syr take good kepe
A wreke vs syr manly
Or we shall hastely
Flee peryll I vnderstonde
And tourne agayne to englonde
Kynge Rycharde was wrothe & eger of mode
And began to stare as he were wode
The table with his fote he smote
That it wente on the erth fote hote
And swore he wolde be awreked in haste
He wolde not wende for crystes faste
The hygh daye of crystmasse
They gan them arme more and lasse
Before wente kynge Rycharde
The erle of salysbury afterwarde
That was called by that daye
Syr Wyllyam the longe spaye
[sig. [E.vii]r] The erle of leysestre the erle of herdforde
Full comly folowed they theyr lorde
Erles barons and squyers
Bowmen and arblasteres
With kynge Rycharde they gan reke
Of frensshe and gryffons to be awreke
The folke of that cyte aspyed rathe
That englysshe men wolde do them skathe
They shette hastely the gate
With barres that they founde therate
And swythe they ranne on the wall
And shotte with bowe and spryngall
And called our men saunce fayle
Awaye dogges with your tayle
For all your boost and your[3] orguyle
Men shall threste in your cuyle
Thus they mysdyde and myssayde
All that daye kynge Rycharde they trayde
Our kynge that daye for no nede
In batayll myght no thynge spede
On a nyght kynge Rycharde & his barons
Wente to theyr pauylyous
Who that slepte or who that woke
That nyght kynge Rycharde no rest toke
On the morowe he of sente his counseyllers
Of the portes the mayster maryners.
Lordynges he sayd ye ben with me
Your counseyll ought for to be pryue
All we sholde vs venge fonde
With queyntyse and with strength of honde
Of frensshe and of gryffons
That haue dyspysed our nacyons
[sig. [E.vii]v] I haue a castell I vnderstonde
Is made of tembre of Englonde
With syxe stages full of tourelles
Well flourysshed with cornelles
Therin I and many a knyght
Ayenst the frensshe shall take the fyght
That castell shall haue a sory nom
It shall hyght the mate gryffon
Maryners arme your shyppes
And do vp your manshyppes
By the water halfe ye them assayle
And we wyll by londe saunce fayle
For come ye neuer to me
Tyll I of them awreked be
Therto men myght here crye
Helpe god and saynt Mary
The maryners gan to hye
Bothe with shyppe and with galye
Syth ore spredde and sayle also
Towarde them they gan go
The knyghtes framed the tre castyll
Before the cyte vpon an hyll
All this sawe the kynge fraunce
And sayd haue ye no doutaunce
Of all these englysshe cowardes
For they ne be but losardes
But reyse vp your mangenell
And caste to theyr tre castell
And shote to them with arblast
The tayled dogges for to agast
Now harken of Rycharde our kynge
How he let bere in the dawnynge
[sig. [E.viii]r] Terges and hardes his folke all
Ryght before the cyte wall
His hoost he let at ones crye
Men myght it here in the skye
Now let come the frensshe losardes
And gyue batayll to the taylardes
þe frensshe men them armed all
And ranne on fast vpon the wall
And began the englysshe for to assayle
There began a stronge batayle
The englysshe shotte with arblast & bowe
Frensshe and gryffons felde and slowe
The galeys came vnto the cyte
And had nygh wonne entre
And harde myned vnder the wall
That many gryffons gan downe fall
With hoked arowes and eke quarelles
Helde them out of the tourelles
And brake bothe legges and armes
And eke theyr neckes it was none harmes
The frensshe men came to the stoure
And caste wylde fyre out of the toure
Wherwith I wote forsothe Jwys
They brente and slewe many englysshe
And the englysshe men defended them welee
With good swerdes of browne stele
And slewe of them so grete chepes
That there laye moche folke on hepes
And at the londe gate kynge Rycharde
Helde his assawte lyke harde
And so manly he toke one
He lefte of his men neuer one
[sig. [E.viii]v] He loked besyde and sawe houe
A knyght that tolde hym with a gloue
Kynge Rycharde and he hym tolde
Tales in Englysshe stoute and bolde
A lorde he sayd I aspye now ryght
A thynge that maketh myn herte lyght
Here he sayd is a gate one
That hath warde ryght none
The folke is gone to the water toure
For to do them theyr socoure
And there we may without dente
Entre in now verament
Blyche therof was kynge Rycharde
Stoutly he wente thederwarde
Many a knyght doughty of dede
After prycked vpon theyr stede
Kynge Rycharde entred without drede
Hym folowed full grete ferhede
His baner vpon the wall he pulte
Many a gryffon it byhulte
As greyhoundes stryken out of lese
Kynge Rycharde[4] threste amonge the prese
Seuen chaynes with his good swerde
Our kynge for carfe a mydwarde
That were drawen for grete doute
Within the gates and without
Porcules and gates vp he wan
And lette come in euery man
Men myght se by strete and lane
Frensshe and gryffons gaue bane
And some to horse ran in haste
Dores and wyndowes barred faste
[sig.] And euer men bare them vp with leuours
And slewe them with grete vygours
All that they founde ayenst them stonde
Passed thorugh dethes honde
They brake cofers and toke tresours
Golde and syluer and countours
Iewelles stones and spycery
All that they founde in tresoury
There was none of englysshe[5] blode
That he ne had as moche gode
As they wolde drawe or bere
To shyppe or to pauylyons I swere
And euer cryed kynge Rycharde
Slee downe euery frensshe cowarde
And ken them in bataylles
That ye haue no tayles
The kynge of fraunce came pryckynge
Ayenst Rycharde our kynge
And fell on knees downe of his hors
And bad mercy for goddes corps
For the crowne and for the loue
Of Ihesu cryste kynge aboue
And for the vyage and for the crose
He sholde be in gree and take lose
And he wolde haue honde take
They sholde amende all the wrake
They that had hym or his
Ony thynge done amys
Kynge Rycharde had grete pyte
Of the kynge of fraunce that sat on kene
And lyght downe so sayth the boke
And in his armes vp hym toke
[sig. F.iv] And sayd it sholde be peas styll
And yelde the twone all to his wyll
And bad hym nought greue hym tho
Though he venged hym of his fo
That had his good knyghtes quelde
And eke on hym despyte I telde
The kynge of fraunce gan to preche
And bad Rycharde be his soules leche
And the tresoure yelde agayne than
That he had take of euery man
And elles he ne myght in goddes paye
To Iherusalem take the waye
Kynge Rycharde sayd with theyr tresoure
They myght nought amende the dyshonoure
And that they haue done me or this
And syr also thou dyde amys
Whan thou sentest to Tanker the kynge
To appayre me with thy lesynge
We haue to Iherusalem the waye sworne
Who breketh our pylgrymage he is forlorne
Or he that maketh ony medlaye
Bytwene vs two in this waye
Whan abbated was that dystaunce
There came two Iustyces of fraunce
Upon two stedes ryde
And kynge Rycharde they gan chyde
That one was hyght Margaryte
That other syr Hewe Impetyte
Swythe sore they hym trayde
Cleped taylarde and myssayde
Kynge Rycharde helde a tronchon tewe
And to them two he hym drewe
[sig. F.iir] Margaryte he gaue a dente than
Aboue the eye vpon the pan
The skull brake with that dente
The ryght eye flewe out quytemente
And he fell downe deed in haste
Hewe of Jmpetyte was gaste
And prycked awaye without fayle
And Rycharde was soone at his tayle
And gaue hym a stroke on the molde
That deed he thought be he sholde
Ternes and quernes he gaue hym there
And sayd syr thus thou shalte lere
To myssaye thy ouerhedlynge
Go playne now to your frensshe kynge
An archebysshop came full soone
He fell on knees and badde a bone
Of kynge Rycharde he had his grace
That he wolde leue his stryfe in that place
And there no more harme do
For goddes loue the people to
Kynge Rycharde graunted then
And drewe to pauylyon all his men
To this daye men may here speke
How the englysshe were there awreke
All the whyle that they were there
They myght well bye theyr chafere
There was none so hardy a man
That one euyll worde spake gan

¶ How thre of kynge Rychardes shyppes were perysshed in the see / and how the emperour put his men in pryson.

[sig. F.iiv] KYnge Rycharde in peas and reste
Fro crystmasse the hygh feste
Dwelled there tyll after the lente
And than on his waye he wente
In marche moneth the kynge of fraunce
Wente to shyppe without dystaunce
Whan he was gone soone afterwarde
Came the doughty kynge Rycharde
Forth towarde Acrys wende he wolde
With moche store of syluer and golde
Foure shyppes were charged I fande
Towarde Cyprys all saylande
Charged with tresour every dell
And soone a sorowfull caas there fell
A grete tempest arose sondaynly
That lasted fyue dayes sykerly
[sig. F.iiir] It brake theyr maste and theyr ore
And theyr takell lesse and more
Anker bothe sprette and rother
Ropes cordes one and other
And were in poynt to synke a downe
As they came ayenst the stone
All to peces they to tare
Unneth the folke saued ware
The maryners vnneth it with helde
That shyppe lefte in the shelde
For the pryssons with sharpe wordes
Some with axes and some with swerdes
Grete slaughter of our englysshe maked
And spoyled the quycke all naked
Syxtene hondred they brought on lyue
And in to pryson hondredes fyue
And also naked syxty score
As they were of theyr moders bore
Of the shyppes brekynge they were blythe
The Iustyces of Cyprys ran full swythe
And drewe vp cofers many folde
Full of syluer and of golde
Dysshes cuppes broches and rynges
Cuppes of golde and ryche thynges
No man by south ne by north
Ne coude account what it was worth
And all was lorne that tresour
Wheder that wolde the emperour
The thyrde daye afterwarde
The wynde came dryuynge kynge Rycharde
[sig. F.iiiv]  With all his grete nauyes
And his saylynge galyes
To a shyppe that stode in depe
The gentylmen therin dyde wepe
And whan they sawe Rycharde the kynge
Theyr wepynge tourned all to laughynge
They welcomed hym with worshyppes
And tolde hym the brekynge of theyr shyppes
And the robbery of his tresoure
And all that other dyshonoure
Than waxed kynge Rycharde full wrothe
And he swore a full grete othe
By Ihesu cryste our sauyoure
It sholde abye the emperoure
He cleped syr Steuen and Wyllyam
And also Roberte of turnam
Thre gentyll barons of englonde
Wyse of speche doughty of honde
Now go and saye to the emperoure
That he yelde agayne my tresoure
Or I swere by saynt Denys
I wyll haue thre syth bouble of his
And yelde my men out of pryson
And for the deed paye raunson
Or hasteyl[6] I hym warne
I wyll worke hym a harme
Bothe with spere and with launce
Anone I shall take vengaunce
The messengers anone forth wente
To do theyr lordes commaundement
And hendly sayd theyr message
The emperoure began to rage
[sig. F.iiiir] He grunte his tethe and faste blewe
A knyfe after syr Roberte he threwe
He blente awaye with a lepe
And it flewe in a dore a span depe
And syth he cryed as vncourteys
Out taylardes of my paleys
Now go and saye your tayled kynge
That I owe hym no thynge
I am full gladde of his lore
I wyll hym yelde none other answore
And he shall fynde me to morowe
At the hauen to do hym sorowe
And werke hym as moche wrake
As his men that I haue take
The messengers wente out full swythe
Of theyr ascapynge they were blythe
The emperours stewarde with honoure
Sayd thus vnto the emperoure
Syr he sayd thou hast vnryght
Thou haddest almoost slayne a knyght
That is messenger vnto a kynge
The best vnder the sonne shynynge
Thou hast thy selfe tresour grete plente
Yf thou it withhelde it were grete pyte
For he is crossed and pylgrym
And all his men that ben with hym
Lette hym do his pylgrymage
And kepe thy selfe frome domage
The eyen twynkled of the emperoure
And smyled as an euyll traytoure
His knyfe he drewe out of his shethe
Therwith to do the stewarde scathe
[sig. F.iiiiv] And called hym without fayle
And sayd he wolde hym accounsayle
The stewarde on knees hym set a downe
With the emperour for to rowne
And the emperour of euyll truste
Carued of his nose by the gruste
And sayd traytour thefe stewarde
Go playne to englysshe taylarde
And yf he come on my londe
I shall hym do suche a shonde
Hym and all his men quycke flayne
But he in haste tourne agayne
The stewarde his nose hente
Iwys his vysage was I shente
Quyckely out of the castell ran
Leue he ne toke of no man
The messengers mercy he cryed
For Maryes loue in that tyde
They sholde tell to theyr lorde
Of the dyshonour ende and worde
And haste you agayne to londe
And I shall sese in to your honde
The keyes of euery toure
That oweth that fals emperoure
And I shall brynge hym this nyght
The emperours doughter bryght[7]
And also an hondred knyghtes
Stoute in batayll stronge in fyghtes
Ayenst that fals emperoure
That hath done vs[8] this dyshonoure
The messengers them hyed harde
Tyll they came to kynge Rycharde
[sig.] They founde kynge Rycharde playe
At the chesse in his galaye
The erle of rychemonde with hym played
And Rycharde wan all that he layed
The messengers tolde all the dyshonour
That them dyde the emperour
And the despyte he dyde his stewarde
In the despyte of kynge Rycharde
And the stewarde presentynge
His byhest and his helpynge
Than answered kynge Rycharde
In dede lyon in thought lybarde
Of your sawes J am blythe
Anone set vs to londe swythe
A grete crye arose fote hote
Out was shotte many a bote
The bowe men and eke the arblasters
Armed them at all auenters
And shotte quarelles and eke flone
As thycke as the hayle stone
The folke of the countre gan renne
And were fayne to voyde and fleune
The barons and good knyghtes
After came anone ryghtes
With theyr lorde kynge Rycharde
That neuer was founde no cowarde

¶ How kynge Rycharde gaue batayll to the emperour / & How the emperour fledde awaye for fere that he had / & there was slayne many of the emperours folke / and after that he wente streyght to Acrys

[sig. G.iv] KYnge Rycharde I vnderstonde
Or he wente out of Englonde
Let hym make an axe for the nones
To breke therwith the sarasyns bones
The heed was wrought ryght wele
Therin was twenty pounde of stele
And whan he came in to Cyprys londe
The axe toke in his honde
All that he hytte he all to frapped
The gryffons a waye faste rapped
Neuertheles many one he claued
And theyr vnthonkes therby leued
And the pryson whan he came to
With his axe he smote ryght tho
Dores berres and Iren charnes
And delyuered his men out of paynes
[sig. G.iir] He let them all delyuer cloth
For theyr despyte he was wroth
And swore by Ihesu our sauyoure
He sholde abye that fals emperoure
All the bourgeyses of the towne
Kynge Rycharde[9] let slee without raunsowne
Theyr tresour and theyr meles
He toke to his owne deles
Tydynges came to the emperour
Kynge Rycharde was in lymasour
And had his burgeyses to deth I do
No wonder though hym were wo
He sente anone without fayle
After all his counsayle
That they came to hym on hye
To wreke hym of his enemye
His hoost was come by mydnyght
And redy on the morowe for to fyght
Herken now of the stewarde
He came at nyght to kynge Rycharde
And the emperours doughter hym with
She grette kynge Rycharde in peas & gryth
She fell on knees and gan to wepe
And sayd kynge Rycharde[10] god the kepe
The stewarde sayd I am shente for the
Gentyll lorde awreke thou me
The emperours doughter bryght
I the betake gentyll knyght
The keyes also in batayll here
Of euery castell in his powere
An hondred knyghtes I you behyght
Lo them here redy in all ryght
[sig. G.iiv] That shall you lede and socoure
Ayenst that fals emperoure
Thou shalte be bothe lorde and syre
Or to morowe of his empyre
And swete syr without fayle
Yet the behoueth my counsayle
I shall the lede by a coost
Pryuely vpon his hoost
In his pauylyon ye shall hym take
Than thynke vpon the moche wrake
That he hath done the or this
Though ye hym slee no force it is
Moche thanked kynge Rycharde
Of the counseyll the stewarde
And swore by god our sauyoure
His nose sholde be bought well soure
Ten hondred stedes good and sure
Kynge Rycharde let araye in trappure
On eueryche lepte an englysshe knyght
Well armed in armure bryght
And as the stewarde applyght
Ladde them by the mone lyght
So nygh the emperours pauylywne
Of the turmppettes he herde swone
It was before the dawynynge
The stewarde sayd to Rycharde the kynge
Lette se Rycharde assayle yerne
The pauylyon with the golden herne
Therin lyeth the emperour
Awreke thou this dyshonour
Than was Rycharde as fresshe to fyght
As euer was foule to the flyght
[sig. G.iiir] He prycked forth vpon his stede
Hym folowed full grete ferrede
His axe he helde in honde I drawe
Many gryffons he hath J slawe
The waytes of that hoost that dyde aspye
And full loude began they for to crye
We betrayed and I nome
Horse and harneys lordes all and some
In an euyll  tyme our emperour
Robbed kynge Rycharde of his tresour
For he is here amonge vs
And sleeth downe ryght by Ihesus
The englysshe kynghtes for the nones
All to hewed the gryffons bodyes & bones
They smote the cordes fell downe
Of many a ryche pauylyowne
And euer cryed squyer and kynght
Smyte lay on slee downe ryght
yelde the tresour ayenwarde
That ye toke from kynge Rycharde
ye ben worthy to haue suche mede
With many woundes[11] to lye and blede
In the emperours pauylyon kynge Rycharde
Alyght so dyde the stewarde
And the emperour was fledde awaye
Hym selfe alone or it was daye
Flowen was that fals cowarde
Narowe hym sought kynge Rycharde
Longe or the daye began to dawe
Twenty thousande gryffons were J slawe
Of sylke sendell and syclaton
Was the emperours pauylyon
[sig. G.iiiv] In the worlde neuer none syche
Ne by moche thynge so ryche
Kynge Rycharde wan the grete worshyp
And bad they sholde be lad to shyp
Suche at Acrys was there none founde
Pauylyons of so moche mounde
Cuppes of golde grete and smale
He wan there without tale
Many cofers small and grete
He founde there full I bete
Two stedes founde the kynge Rycharde
That one hygh fauell and that other lyarde
In the worlde was not theyr pere
Dromedary nor destrere
Stede rabyte ne camayle
That ran so swyfte without fayle
For a thousande pounde I tolde
Sholde not that one be solde
All that his men before had lore
Seuen double they had therfore
Tydynges to the emperour was come
That his doughter was I nome
And how that his hygh stewarde
Her had delyuered to kynge Rycharde
By that he wyste well Iwys
That he had done amys
Two messengers he clyped anone
And bad them to kynge Rycharde gone
And saye your emperour and your kynge
That I hym sende goddes gretynge
Homage by yere I wyll hym gyue & yelde
And all my londe I wyll of hym helde
[sig. G.iiiir]

[Still to be transcribed.]

[sig. G.iiiiv]

[Still to be transcribed.]

[sig. [G.v]r]

[Still to be transcribed.]

[sig. [G.v]v]

[Still to be transcribed.]

[sig. []r]

[Still to be transcribed.]

[sig. []v]

[Still to be transcribed.]

[sig. [G.vii]r]

[Still to be transcribed.]

[sig. [G.vii]v]

[Still to be transcribed.]

[sig. [G.viii]r]

[Still to be transcribed.]

[sig. [G.viii]v] A swyfte strong galey he toke
Trenchemere so sayth the boke
And stered the galey ryght euen
All mydwarde the hauen
Were the maryners neuer so wrothe
He made them rowe and sayle bothe
The galey yede as swyfte
As ony foule by the lyfte
And kynge Rycharde that was so good
With his axe afore the shyppe stode
And whan he came to the chayne
With his axe he smote it atwayne
That all the barons verament
Sayd it was a noble dente
And for Ioye of that dede
The cuppes faste aboute yede
With good wyne pyment and clare
And sayled towarde Acrys cyte
Kynge Rycharde out of his galye
Let cast wylde fyre in to the skye
And the fyrst grekes in to the se
All on a fyre were the
His trumppettes yede in his galye
When myght it here in to the skye
Trompettes hornes and shalmyse
The see brente all of fyre grekes
Gynnes he had of wonder wyse
Mangenelles of grete quyentyse
Arblast bowe made with gynne
The holy londe therwith to wynne
Ouer all other vtterly
He had a myle of grete maystry
[sig.] In the myddes of a shyppe to stonde
Suche ne sawe they neuer in no londe
Foure sayles were therto all newe
Yelowe and grene rede and blewe
With canuas I layde all aboute
Full costly within and without
And all within full of fyre
Of torches made of wexe clere
Ouerthwarte and endlonge
With spryngelles of fyre they dyde honde
Grounde they neyther corne ne good
But robbed as they were wood
Out of theyr eyen came rede blode
Before the trough one there stode
That all in blode was begone
Suche another was neuer none
And hornes he had vpon his hede
The sarasynes of hym had grete drede
For the robbynge of the stones
They wende it had ben mennes bones
For it was within the nyght
They were a grysed of that syght
And sayd he was the deuyll of hell
That was come them to quell
A lytell before the lyght of the daye
Clenly they were done awaye
Kynge Rycharde after the meruayle
Wente quyckly to londe faunce fayle
The kynge of fraunce ayenst hym came
And in his harneys he hym name
Rycharde kyssed hym with grete honour
So dyde euery kynge and emperour
[sig. H.iv] All the kynges of crystente
That had there longe be
And longe had layne in dolour
Underfonde Rycharde with honour
An archebysshop of grete pryse
Dyde kynge Rycharde his seruyce
And syth ledde hym as ye may se
In to a pauylyon of preuyte
And tolde hym there a dolefull tale
Of a shrewde many and fale
Now he sayd kynge Rycharde I here
This syege hath lasted seuen yere
It may not be let for thy
Moche sorowe haue we suffred sykerly
For he had no castell
That vs of ony warde fell
But a wyde dyche and a depe
We made vs within to kepe
With barbycanes for the nones
Hye I wrought with harde stones
Whan the dyche was I made
Salandyn the sowdan was glade
And came on vs with grete route
And beset vs all aboute
And with hym markys feraunt
That lyueth on mahowne and termagaunt
He was a crysten kynge some whyle
He hath done vs more shame & gyle
Than the sowdan and his hoost
The fader and sone and holy gooft
Graunte hym grace of worldes shame
Markys feraunt by his name
[sig. H.iir]

[Still to be transcribed.]

[sig. H.iiv]

[Still to be transcribed.]

[sig. H.iiir]

[Still to be transcribed.]

[sig. H.iiiv] The doughty erle of champayne
And good knyghtes of brytayne
And randulfe the gamyles
Johan neuell and his brother myles
And Bawdewyne a clerke full mery
The archebysshop of Caunterbury
And with them came his neuewe
A noble baron of grete vertewe
Roberte gaunter of englonde
Ayenst the sarasynes for to stonde
And many knyghtes of hongery
And other noble cheuallery
Than helde we a grete batayle
But a harde case befell vs without fayle
At myghelmasse it must be tolde
The weder began[12] to wexe colde
Tho fell bothe rayne and hayle
And snowe fyue fote without[13] fayle
Thonder lyghtnynge & weder toughe
For honger therwith our men it sloughe
For honger we lost and colde wyndes
Of our solke thre score thousandes
Than we our good hors slowe
Soden and eten the guttes towe
The flesshe was deled for great deynte
Thereof had no man plente
But we ete it without brede
To peces we carued the hede
In water we boyled the blode
That vs thought mete full gode
A quarter of whete men vs solde
For thre pounde of floraunce tolde
[sig. H.iiiir]

[Still to be transcribed.]

[sig. H.iiiiv] Kynge Rycharde wepte with his eyen bothe
And syth sayd he thus forsothe
Syr bysshop I beseche you praye for vs
That vs myght sende swete Ihesus
His fone all for to dystroye
That they no more vs anoye
Thus Rycharde toke loue & keped his stede
And prycked out that felowrede
He rode aboute the close dyche
Towarde Acrys sykerlyche
Tyll he came to the hospytale
Of saynt Iohan as I tell by tale
There he let pytche his pauylyon
And let arere vp his matgryffon
That was a tree castell fyne
To gyue assawte to many a sarasyne
[sig.] That he myght in to Acrys sene
He had .xiii. shyppess full of bene
Whan the castell was framed well
He lette therin a mangenell
He commaunded his men blyue
To fetche vp been hyue
And byd taberrars & trompettes blowe
To sawte the cyte on a throwe
Kynge Rycharde in Acyrs cyte
Let cast the hyues grete plente
The wheder was hote in somer tyde
The beest brake out on euery syde
They were agreued full of grame
And dyde the sarasynes moche shame
For they stynged them in the vysage
That they began for to rage
And hydde them in a depe sellere
For they durste not come them nere
They sawe Kynge Rycharde was full fell
Whan his flyen bytte so well
Another vp Rycharde gan set
That was cleped Robynet
A stronge gynne for the nones
That cast in to Acrys grete stones
The Kynge Rycharde the conquerour
Cleped to hym anone his mynour
And them mynde in to the toure
That is cleped mawndytcoloure
He sware his othe by his crowne
But it were brought downe
By none the vttermest wall
He sholde be hewen in peces small
[sig. I.iv] The mynours myned faste
And gonners bente and stones caste
The syrasynes began to arme them all
And ranne in haast vnto the wall
In whyte shetes they gan them wrythen
For bytynge of kynge Rychardes flyen
They sayd this man doth vs grete payne
For he doth bothe throwe and mayne
We sawe neuer kynge thus begynne
It is grete doute leste he vs wynne
Kynge Rycharde stode in his matgryffowne
And sawe there dedes in the towne
Whederwarde the sarasynes drewe
And arowes englysshe to them slewe
Out of arblastes arowes smerte
Thorugh lunge leuer arme & herte
The frensshe men with grete noblay
Helped to myne full well that daye
The vttermest wall that daye was downe cast
And many sarasynes slayue at last
That daye Rycharde so well spedde thore
That he was holden for a conquerore
For better he spedde that daye or none
Than all the other in seuen yere had done
The sarasynes myght not endoure
They fledde in to that hye toure
They lyght torches aboute the wall
Men myght se it ouer all
The torches caste grete lyght
That betokened a newe fyght
That was come fro Englonde
There thorugh they myght not stonde
[sig. I.iir] But yf Salandyn the sowdan
Came to them with men anone
Salandyn was ten myle then
And sawe the torches lyght bren
He let gader his folke togyder
As thycke as snowe falleth in wynter
They assembled vpon a mountayne
Syxty thousande men I fynde
Cockes of heye he made them bynde
To go before hastelyche
To fyll the crysten dyche
To rescowe Acrys they haue rede
And to do the crysten men to dede
After came barons and knyghtes
Stronge in armes stoute in fyghtes
By order they came in theyr manere
Of rede sendell was theyr banere
With thre gryffons depaynted well
And of asure a fayre bendell
Soone after there came as many mo
Barons rydynge and knyghtes also
Theyr gomfanon and theyr pensell
Was wrought of good sendell
As he faught with a lyon
And in surrey with a dragon
They fyrst were rede and grene
Than came the thyrde by dene
With syxty thousande knyghtes
In ynde I armed to all ryghtes
After came whyte as ony snowe
Fyfty thousande on a rowe
[sig. I.iiv] There amonge was Salandyn
And his neuewe myrry molendyn
Theyr baners whyte without fable
With thre sarasynes hedes of sable
That were shapen noble and large
Of balyn bothe shelde and targe
No man coude tell the route
They beset the crysten aboute
The fote men cast theyr cothes of heye
To make the hors men redy weye
And fylled the dyche full vpryght
That all the hoost well entred myght
The sarasynes had entred nye
But god almyghty therto sye
The crye arose thorugh the crysten hoost
Soyes seygnyours for the holy goost
But we haue the better socoure
We be forlorne by saynt sauyoure
There ye myght se many a wyght man
That quyckly to his armure ran
And wente anone in to the dyche
And defended it hastelyche
There was many a gentyll hewed
Quykly from the body take the hewed
Sheldes fell clouen a two
And many a stede stycked also
Many a knyght lost his harnes
And many a stede drewe theyr tharnes
And many a doughty man saunce fayle
Was slayne in that batayle
But Rycharde our kynge was seke tho
All crystendome to moche wo
[sig. I.iiir] Ne myght not his body stere
Though his pauylyon had ben in fyre
Therfore the kynge of fraunce made a crye
Amonge the crysten company
Thar they ne sholde for dethes doute
Not passe theyr close dyche aboute
But holde them all within
That the sarasynes sholde them not wyn
And tho that were in I come
Of sarasynes they were I nome
And hastely done to dede
For them yede no raunson to mede
Whyle kynge Rycharde so syke lay
The reason I you tell may
For the trauayll of the se
And stronge ayre of that countre
And for vnkynde stynke and hete
And mete and drynke was not swete
To his body that he there fonde
As it was in englonde
Kynge Rycharde his men bad seche
For some wyse clerke and certayne leche
Crysten or elles sarasyne
For to loke his bryne
And eueryche sayd his aduyse
But there was none of them wyse
That might his sorowe sese
Or of his payne hym relese
Sory was the folke englysshe
For theyr lorde laye in grete anguysshe
For kynge Rycharde laye so sore syke
All aboute they gan seke
[sig. I.iiiv] On knees prayed the crysten hoost
To the fader and sone and holy goost
Nyght and daye with good entent
That Rycharde myght haue amendement
Thorugh the byddynge of our lady dere
Her blessyd sone herde her prayere
Thorugh his grace and vertue
Ne tourned out of his ague
To mete had he no sauour
To wyne ne mater ne to no lycour
But after porke he was a longed
Though all his men sholde be honged
They ne myght in that countree
Neyther for golde nor for fee
No porke fynde taken ne gete
That kynge Rycharde myght ete
A noble kynght was with our kynge
Whan he wyst of that tydynge
That Rychardes maners were syche
To the stewarde he sayd pryuelyche
Our lorde lyeth sore seke Iwys
After porke he alonged is
And ye ne may none fynde to sell
No man be so hardy to tell
And yf he do he may dye
Ye must as I you saye
That he knowe not of that
Take a sarasyne yonge and fat
And in haste that deed be slawe
And his heed of hym be fawe
And soden full hastely
With good pouder and spycery
[sig. I.iiiir] And with good saffron of good colour
Whan kynge Rycharde feleth the sauour
Out of the ague yf he be wente
He shall haue therto good talente
Whan he hath therof a taste
And eten a good repaste
And supped of the brothe a sope
And slepe therafter and swete a drope
Thorugh goddess helpe and my counsayle
Soone he shall be hole without fayle
The sothe to saye at wordes fewe
Slayne and soden was that shrewe
Before Rycharde it was brought
Quod his folke we haue porke sought
Aryse and suppe of the brothe sote
Thorugh goddess myght it shall be bote
Before the kynge kerued a knyght
He ete faster than he kerue myght
Kynge Rycharde knewe the flesshe fro the bones
And dranke ryght well after for the nones
And whan he had eten I nowe
He laye styll and drewe in his arme
His chamberlayne couered hym warme
He laye and slepte and swette a stounde
Soone he became hole and sounde
Whan he awoke he arose
And romed aboute in the close
And all the folke hym shewed
Glad was bothe lerned and lewed
And thanked Ihesu and Mary
That he was out of his malady
[sig. I.iiiiv] The sarasynes spedde with all theyr myght
The dyche to wynne with all theyr myght
The barbycanes they felde downe
And had nygh entred and in I come
Whan kynge Rycharde that tydynges herde
As a wode man tho he sterte ferde
And he armed hym in his armour
For loue of cryst our sauyour
To fyght I haue grete delyte
With houndes that wylleth vs despyte
Now I me fele hole and lyght
This daye shall I preue my myght
Yf I am stronge as I was before
And yf I can dele strokes grete store
All that I mete I shall fele
Suche a dole I shall them dele
That for the loue of theyr mahon
They shall haue theyr waryson
He was armed to all ryghtes
With hym his fote men squyers and knyghtes
And the crysten all by dene
Wonder it was that hoost to sene
The sothe to saye and not to lye
Of sarasynes were twyes so manye
Before wente his templers
His gascoynes and his ospytalers
Our kynge amonge the sarasynes rode
To some he gaue full grete lode
A kynge he hyt aboue the shelde
That helme & heed flowe in the felde
Another he hath a stroke I raught
All his harneys halpe hym naught
[sig. [I.v]r] To the sadyll he clefte the ferth
All that he smote it wente to erth
Blythe was the crysten fela wrede
Of kynge Rycharde and of his dede
For none armure withstode his axe
No more than a knyfe doth the waxe
Whan the sowdan sawe them so stronge
He sayd the deuyll was them amonge
For downe ryght there he slewe
With all his hoost he hym withdrewe
And fledde with all his baronage
In to towne men call it cage
And certes all the rerewarde
Were slayne by kygne Rycharde
The sarasynes that in Acrys ware
Were anoyed and full of care
Whan they sawe the sowdan flee
And kynge Rycharde downe ryght slee
Thus all daye tyll it was nyght
They and the crysten kepte fyght
At euen whan the sonne was set
Euery man drewe to his reset
The crysten bothe poore and ryche
Wente within theyr close dyche
To reste them for they were wery
And kynge Rycharde let make a crye
Trusty folke that myght the pales kepe
Whyle that other lye and slepe
The sarasynes that were withoute
Of kynge Rycharde they had grete doute
For he had the pryse I wonne
Awaye they rode and swythe ronne
[sig. [I.v]v] That myght flee and them hyde
There they durste not abyde
Of the space of ten englysshe myle
Whan Rycharde had rested a whyle
A knyght his harneys gan vnlace
Hym to comforte and to solace
Hym was brought a soppe in wyne
The heed of the wylde swyne
He sayd fayne I wolde I had
For I am feble feynt and mad
Of myn euyll I am fere
Therwith serue me at my soupere
Quod the coke the heed I ne haue
Than sayd Rycharde so god me saue
But I se the heed of the swyne
Forsoch thou shalte soone lese thyne
The coke sa we none other myght be
He fet the heed and let hym se
He fell on knees and made a crye
Lo the heed here Rycharde mercy
The blacke vysage whan Rycharde sawe
His blacke berde his tethe whyte as snawe
He began to laugh as he were wood
What is sarasynes flesshe so good
And neuer before I it wyste
By goddes deth and his vpryste
Shall we neuer dye for defaute
Whyle we may in assawte
Slee sarasynes and the flesshe take
Wesshe sethe them and bake
Gnawe the flesshe fro the bones
Now I haue assayed them ones
[sig []r] For honger or we be to woo
I and my folke shall ete moo
On the morowe without fayle
The cyte he began to assayle
The sarasynes myght not endoure
They fledde in to the hye toure
And cryed trews and plement
To kynge Rycharde that was so gent
And also to the kynge of fraunce
And bad mercy without dystaunce
Anone stode vp syr latemere
And cryed lowde with voyce clere
He sayd here good lordynges
For I you brynge good tydynges
That syr Salandyn sente by me
He wolde that Acrys yelded be
And Jherusalem in to your honde
And surrey all the londe
To flomiordan the water clere
For two thousande besauntes by yere
And yf ye wyll not so nore
Ye shall haue peas for euermore
So that ye make the kynge of surrye
Markys feraunt of grete maystrye
For he is the strongest man Iwys
Of crystendome or of hethenys
Than answered kynge Rycharde
Thou lyeth he sayd false cowarde
In euery gaderynge a prese
Markys is a false traytour and a lese
He hath whyted Salandynes honde
To be kynge of surrey londe
[sig []v] And by the kynge in trynyte
That traytour shall it neuer be
He was crysten by my faders dayes
And syth he hath renyed his layes
And is become a sarasyne
God gyue hym well euyil pyne
He is worse than an hounde
He robbed syxty thousande pounde
Out of the holy hospytallers honde
That my fader sente in to this londe
That men cleped kynge Harry
Crysten men to gouerne by
I byd hym hye out of this hoost
For I swere by the holy goost
And by Mary that bare Jhesus
Fynd I that traytour amonge vs
Other by nyght or by daye
With horse he shall be drawe I saye
Than answered the kynge of fraunce
To kynge Rycharde without dystaunce
O suffre syr beus amys
Thou doost wronge by saynt denys
That thou chretenest that markys
That neuer dyde the amys
Yf he haue done ony thynge yll
He shall amende it at thy wyll
I am his borowe so here my gloue
Receyue it for my loue
Nay quod Rycharde by god my lorde
I shall neuer with hym accorde
Had neuer ben lost Acrys towne
Ne had ben thorugh his tresowne
[sig. [I.vii]r] He yelde agayne my faders tresour
And Iherusalem with grete honour
And than my wrathe I hym forgyue
And neuer elles whyle I lyue
The kynge of fraunce was wo therfore
And he ne durst speke no more
For euer he douted dentes harde
To vnderfonge of kynge Rycharde
Whan the latemere herde this
That kynge myght not be syr markys
He sayd here good lordynges
For I haue brought you other tydynges
That moche more is to your wyll
Yf ye wyll let our people passe styll
With lyfe and lymbe honde and arme
Without dente and without harme
We shall yelde you the towne
And the holy crosse with grete renowne
And syxty thousande prysoners therto
And an hondred thousande besauntes & mo
And haue ye shall also therin
Ryche tresour and moche wyne
Helmes hawberkes syxty thousande & mo
And other ryches ye may fynde also
Where I nowe and other tresore
For your hoost seuen yere and more
And yf that ye wyll not this fonge
We may holde you out longe
And euer to fynde one of our
For to slee ten of your
For we haue without fable
Syxty thousande men defensable
[sig. [I.vii]v] And we beseche you for the loue of god
That ye wyll take your bode
That ye the tresour more and lasse
And let vs quykly awaye passe
Than answered kynge Rycharde
In my halfe I graunte that forwarde
With that ye wyll vs quykly in late
It shall be done they sayd by yate
They let hym in soone anone
And kynge Rycharde toke them everychone
And to pryson put them thore
yonge and olde lesse and more
There myght none out of Acrys towne
Tyll payed was that raunsowne
And the holy crosse therwith
Or they must haue peas and gryth
There was founde many hordes
That was departed amonge lordes
Stryfe there was at theyr comynge
But the best tresour had our kynge
The crysten prysoners of Acrys towne
Kynge Rycharde gaue clothe grete foysowne
Mete and drynke and armes bryght
And made them full fresshe in fyght
And toke them to his partyse
To auenge god of his enemyse
Kynge Rycharde in Acrys had nome
Of sarasynes that theder were come
That were goddes enemyse
Hardy knyghtes of grete pryse
Of hethenes of grete lordynges
Dukes prynces sones of kynges
[sig. [I.viii]r] And admyralles and many a noble man
Theyr names I ne tell can
In pryson they lay bounde faste
To the sowdan they sente in haste
And sayd we bere so many chaynes
And these men done vs so many paynes
We may neyther syt nor lye
But ye vs out of pryson bye
And with raunsom helpe and borowe
We shall dye or the thyrde morowe
The ryche sowdan was wo therfor
Knyghtes prynces well two score
Many an admyrall and many a lorde
Sayd we rede that ye make accorde
With kynge Rycharde that is stronge
To delyuer our chyldren out of wronge
That they ne be hanged ne drawe
Of tresour Rycharde wyll be full fawe
That our chyldren may come home all
Charge mewles horses by your counsall
Of bryght golde and of bawdkyne
For our eyes to make fyne
Men saye englysshe men loue gyftes
Of golde well thyrty mennes lyftes
Were layde on mewles and on rabyte
Thyrty erles clothed in samyte
Thar were well auysed of tonge
To kynge Rycharde that tresour bronge
All to Acrys they it brought
On knees of grace they besought
Our sowdan sendeth the this tresore
And wyll be thy frende euer more

[sigs–[]still to be transcribed.]

[1] W: songht

[2] W: selse

[3] W: yonr

[4] W: Ryeharde

[5] W: englylshe

[6] W: hasteyl

[7] W: bryghe

[8] W: vo

[9] W: Rychardr

[10] W: Kycharde

[11] W: wouudes

[12] W: begau

[13] W: witdout